Biography and Narrative


Student Activity: Biography and narrative


A documentary biography has the same intent in trying to explore someone’s life objectively and again, it creates a story by selecting parts of someone’s life and organising these into a narrative. In a coherent narrative only those parts that develop the story are necessary. There is a sense of causation that is that one thing happens to lead to another and influence the outcome. The main character is the person being studied and the setting is the places he/she has been. 

Most biographies tend to adhere to certain conventions. They like to follow a chronological pattern from childhood to fame, often a variation of the hero’s journey. They try to suggest that there was always something about that person that distinguished him/her from others. Consider whether Paul Kelly: Stories of Me responds to all or any of the biographical elements listed below.  



Paul Kelly: Stories of Me

Focuses on a person

Focuses on a character

Focuses on Paul Kelly

We find out about that person from the way others speak about him/her

The other characters are used to illustrate aspects of the protagonist’s personality


Mentors and other influences such as defining events are described and explained


Different places are seen as influences on the person

The setting and the character’s relationship to the setting reflects an aspect of the character.


The trials faced by the person and the way they are overcome become the focus of an examination of the power of the person

The plot follows a series of complications and resolutions which further illustrate aspects of the character


Only those events that lead to a change in the person are explored 

All the actions lead to a result (cause and effect)


The significance of the person and importance of contribution is analysed and appraised

Actions build to a climax, a turning point which then resolves into some kind of solution



Bringing it all together:

General Activity

Framing the subject


Student Activity: Analysing Visual Techniques



The documentary, Paul Kelly: Stories of Me, opens with dramatic action and intent that shape the text. Watch the first five minutes from 00:00 to 05:10 and consider how Paul Kelly is framed through the opening sequence.

Using the jigsaw technique[1] students focus on one of the dot points below and then explain their findings to a new group consisting of students who have worked on the other two:


Bringing it all together:

The arrangement of narrative and filmic elements results in the composition, pace and effect of the movie. It involves a high degree of artifice and shapes the representation of the subject of the text and meaning for the spectator.




Student Activity: Artist and image



Refer to film (13:23 – 16.40)


For many musicians their image has been critical to their success, as it has often accompanied their music and become connected to their success. 

1. Briefly outline how Paul Kelly represents himself as a musician, and discuss how his image is portrayed. 

2. Research some other Australian artists that were around in the early eighties and find some recordings and if possible, footage of them. You may even find some pictures of them performing. Select one other artist and look at the image they presented to accompany their music. 

3. Compare Paul Kelly’s image to this artist you have selected and discuss how this representation is typical of that era in Australian Rock Music.